It is possible that you may be one of the few who have not yet heard of the ground-breaking, critically acclaimed new manga entitled Tic Tac Toe Joe (the Japanese title is Tic Tac Toe no Joe or in certain dialects 三目並べのジョー). Well, this site is proud to be the very first English site in appreciation of the manga, which recently appeared at the Fanime 2005 Convention. Here you will find all the up-to-date and accurate information available on the internet.

The manga is based primarily upon the exciting real life game of Tic Tac Toe, though it expands to address a variety of issues such as love, morality and yes, even humor. Our protagonist, just your average loveable guy named Joe, encounters an ancient spirit that introduces him to the game. A game worth hours of fun, a great premise and a gigantic cast of zany characters combines to create an action-packed manga that is sure to be a hit for years to come.

Come with us... and enter the world of Tic Tac Toe!

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