character profiles

(oooh, mysterious!)

Age: 36
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Spam
Details: This interesting and enigmatic fellow is the sponsor of the Death Squares tournament and also announcer for all the matches within it. His motivations for sponsoring the tournament, or indeed for almost any of his actions, are completely unknown...


Age: 12
Height: short
Weight: light
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Ramen
Details: Perhaps the true hero of Tic Tac Toe Joe, Bry is young, energetic and ready for some brutal tic tac toe playing. He enters the tournament for personal reasons with a friend of his, and is determined to become the victor. In addition to his highly-rated standard abilities, he seems to have a communion with a dragon spirit within the marks themselves.


Age: 11
Height: shorter
Weight: lighter
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Irish Whisky
Details: Though young, Hido is considered a prodigy at the game and a genius by any standards. He has a huge chip on his shoulder due to the fact that he has never lost, and carries himself arrogantly. When he plays, he does so effectively and mercilessly.


Age: 12
Height: not bad
Weight: over
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Yes
Details: One of Bry's best friends. He has been tagging after his friend for their entire playing careers, gaining in skill to the point where he can actually compete in the international tournament. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any special skills to speak of, and his first match is against an extremely powerful opponent...


Age: 21
Height: so-so
Weight: it's okay
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Anything
Details: Though the protagonist, Joe has been developed less than the other characters due to his laid-back, care-free attitude. He may be a newcomer to the game of Death Squares, but he has a good heart and an honest spirit. Also, he is carrying the spirit of Nmdklnx, which is a potent weapon indeed.

Kabagambe boom VanWickiWick

Age: 23
Height: ninja secret
Weight: ninja secret
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Great Balls of Rice!
Details: A mysterious ninja who has entered the tournament for unknown reasons. It seems to be hinted that he was hired by someone, but who exactly that is has not yet been stated. He brings a variety of refined shinobi skills to the table.

(some translators also spell this Wiobqqx)

Age: 792
Height: with legs or without?
Weight: none
Blood Type: NA
Favorite Food: Onions
Details: An ancient spirit with a dark and disturbing past. He has been trapped inside a pencil for hundreds of years, needing to be at rest but unable to do so until he has regained his honor at the ancient game of Death Squares. When Joe happens upon the pencil, however, Nmdklnx is released in the boy's body. One of the greatest players of all time, Nmdklnx is not to be trifled with and boasts a wide variety of skills.


Age: Who cares?
Height: whatever
Weight: surprise me
Blood Type: Red
Favorite Food: Tempura
Details: A random person in the crowd. Obviously, they are a pivotal point of the entire series.


Age: 2
Height: +3 to height, Bolt equipped
Weight: 340925 lbs
Blood Type: Hey, I don't know.
Favorite Food: Enchilada Burritos con Tortilla
Details: Genetically created and trained by a raving madman, TG-9138524Y is theoretically the genetically perfect tic tac toe player. His only purpose in life is to completely dominate the tournament. He boasts a massive arsenal of skills capable of challenging any opponent.


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