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We realize that not everyone here is able to read the original manga because it is originally in English. Because we wish for you to be able to experience the joy that is Tic Tac Toe Joe(三目並べのジョー), we will provide for you here a summary of each and every issue, the instant it has been released. WARNING! These summaries may contain "spoilers" which could spoil the manga by spoiling things! WARNING!

Issue #1:
The manga quickly introduces Joe, our courageous and proletarian hero. He soon encounters the noble spirit Nmdklnx. Struck in the heart by the spirit's terrible plight, he agrees to help the poor soul fulfill his dream of being the victor in an intriguing and ancient game known as "Death Squares." Dun dun dun... Joe reaches the international finals with Nmdklnx in tow and heroically manages to sign up for the tournament.

Issue #2:
Our next issue begins with the tantalizing beginning to the world tournament. Here we are introduced to the bravely bold but brash Bry, who dreams of being the world champion. His very first match is against a fearsome and ferocious ninja. By the incredible strength of his own character and help from a mysterious dragon within the marks, Bry is victorious. But all is not well. The second round is between one of Bry's near and dear friends, Jerry, and the terrible monster created by a diabolical doctor. It is called TG-9138524Y, and it immediately attacks fiercely. Though Jerry tries his very hardest, he receives a heartbreaking defeat; Bry vows to restore his honor. This issue leaves us on the very edge of our seats as the next set of competitors face off...

Issue #3:
Almost immediately we receive the shocking revelation that one of the contestants in the third round is actually Hido Urametsei, the world-reknowned Tic Tac Toe prodigy. He mercilessly defeats his opponent to move on. Following this match, Joe enters his first match. He manages to overcome his nervousness, with Nmdklnx's help, and faces down his mysteriously intriguing, sophisticated opponent. During the match, it is revealed that Death Squares actually has ties to the ancient pyramids, which is very interesting. Somehow, Joe pulls through and wins the match with Nmdklnx's guidance. But the action just doesn't let up! We next have a serious grudge match, as Bry faces off with the monster that defeated his friend. Through his tears, he summons the strength to fight. The battle is fiercely waged, as it appears that TG-9138524Y can completely negate his opponent's dragon spirit, and also has a lot of power of his own. At the end of the match we learn the astonishing truth about why Bry has entered the tournament (I began tearing up, honest I did).

Issue #4:
The match comes to a dramatic and cool close. By solely pluck and determination, combined with the help of his friends and belief in himself, Bry manages to win the match and avenges his friend. This is a very emotional moment. Next up is the match between Hido and Joe, and it starts off with a bang. Here it is revealed to us that there exists an ultimate technique within Death Squares that has been called only "The Legendary Mark." The only players ever even close to reaching it are Hido and Nmdklnx. Their match is terribly complex, but the manga ompensates with helpful commentary. Finally, in the end, when all is said and done, when the ducks have been counted and the beans placed in one barrel, the result of the match is... is... a tie. Immediately they battle again, and everyone can sense the rising intensity. Their explosive match results in a victory for Joe, who moves on to the final round.

Issue #5:
The very final ending match of the whole entire tournament begins in this chapter, and its obvious that it will be a hair-raising and tantalizing experience, as well as fun for the whole family. All the complex character interaction comes to a peak in this episode, as Bry and Joe, as well as the myriad forces behind them come to a very climactic crash.

Issue #6:
For a moment the series waxes philosophical, pondering over all that has been said and done leading up to the point in which it currently reaches. The exciting and hair-raising match continues as both Bry and Joe continue in ways that will shock and amaze you.

Issue #7:
This is truly the high point of the very series. I can barely speak about the character development that takes place in this chapter, it is so magnificent that words cannot possibly explain it properly. The match continues to be exciting, and is guaranteed to have you at least on the edge of your seat, if not well onto the floor. But I won't say too much about it, for fear of giving away spoilers.

Issue #8:
All the parts of the series that have building up to this point come together exactly as you would expect them to, and we reach a heart-warming and awesomely intense conclusion. Bry searches deep into his past for the will to continue fighting, and brings forth levels of power never before seen your side of Kentucky. In return Joe responds with incredible enthusiasm and determination. It looks like the match will never end, but finally Joe is victorious. At first Bry is terribly sad, but Joe gently explains that winning isn't everything and immediately everything is absolutely fine. Nmdklnx's dreams of being the world champion of Death Squares are finally made reality. Everyone is happy and they all dance together and sing happy songs and waltz off into a field of daisies. But WAIT! This isn't the end! Dun dun dun...

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