special techniques

Baka Shoshinsha Style:
A devastating new style of marking perfected by the scientists that created TG-9138524Y. It permits him to use many skills, though he displays only a few of these in the matches. When he shifts to this style, he should definitely be feared.

Death Claw:
One of the older, but tried and true, techniques. The strategy it utilizes, in a greatly simplified form, is to create two avenues of victory and allow your opponent to only block one. Theoretically this technique, if pulled off perfectly, will always end a match, but that may not actually be true...

Fusion Mark:
For one brief instant, Nmdklnx joins his soul with Joe's. The resulting entity can mark with far greater power than either of the two alone. This technique, though it wears both its users, is devastatingly powerful.

Legendary Mark:
An extremely mysterious technique. Only a truly master player of Death Squares, who has braved the entire world, could hope to play this technique. In the history of the world, only four men and women have ever come close to attaining it, in addition to several thousand small children. What exactly it is has not yet fully been revealed.

Power Mark:
One of the standard techniques used by many players. This mark is more powerful than the standard fare, though nothing to be awed of except in the hands of an extremely skilled competitor.

Summon Fierce Dragon:
At will Bry can unleash the awesome power of the Fierce Dragon, which lies within the marks that he creates during the game. Because it is implemented just prior to the actual mark, it often takes opponents by surprise, in addition to being quite powerful. The Fierce Dragon is both fierce and dragon.

Summon Fiercerest Dragon:
Under extreme stress, when Bry manifests the Fierce Dragon it evolves into a creature more powerful than anything else seen on a Tic Tac Toe board. This technique is superior to the former summon in every way, working faster and with a great deal more power. However, it threatens to take the user's very life, if they are not cautious. This dragon is both fiercerest and dragonerest.

Super Mega Giga Strike:
One of the techniques under TG-9138524Y's Baka Shoshina Style. This technique is not exceptionally powerful, rather, it is unbelievable fast. Even strong opponents are taken off guard by its effectiveness.

Ultimate Mark:
After a decade of grueling and porridging training, TG-9138524Y finally mastered this technique. Instead of relying upon the spiritual strength of the user, it primarily uses their body to force greater power into the mark. When combined with incredible energy, it becomes an extremely dangerous technique.

World Annihilator Mark:
When at his very last breaths, out of options and surrounded on all sides, Bry's power is manifested in a raw and devastating form. This technique has incredibly awesome power and, whenever used, threatens to destroy nearly everything. It is in no way activated by Bry, and emerges only when he completely loses control. But when it appears, it is a force that cannot be reckoned with.

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